Burry Chris



All employment relationships to date:

  • January 2013 – Present – Fenox Venture Capital  – Advirosy Partner
    Mr. Burry joined Fenox Venture Capital as an Advisory Partner. He works closely with the managing director of the fund to identify promising European and Asian startups for potential funding by the VC firm.
  • October 2010 – Present – US Market Access Center – Co-CEO
    Mr. Burry joined the US Market Access Center (USMAC) leadership team in October 2010. In his role as co-CEO, he has been responsible for developing the go to market strategy for the organization, developing key programs and negotiating partnership agreements.
    While at the USMAC, Mr. Burry has personally lead entrepreneurial training and market entry programs various countries including Sweden, Estonia, Czech Republic, Singapore and Vietnam. He also represents the USMAC at key conferences and events such as the European Business Incubator Network Conference and the International Association of Science Park. He frequently speaks at such conferences and lectures at San Jose University´s School of Business.
  • November 1999 – May 2009 – Avanade, Ing  – Multiple Roles at Avanade
    Avanade Joint Venture Team – Mr. Burry was a member of the business development team for the creation of the Joint Venture and the new Andersen Consulting / Microsoft Alliance.
    Chief Information Officer – Mr. Burry was the first CIO as well as the lead for the Global Infrastructure Design and Deployment Team for Avanade. Mr. Burry´s team is responsible for designing and deploying:
    • All Enterprise Applications including Directory Services, Messaging and Collaboration
    • Global data and voice networks and security services
    • Avande.com website and intranet
    • Client deployment and Software distribution
    • Operations architecture, processes and procedures and the global help desk
    Durint the first 10 months of operations, this team designed, built and implemented a global infrastructure in 12 countries and 17 cities (Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Montreal, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Malaysia, and Hond Kong.Technology Fellow – Mr. Burry participated in the development of Avanade´s
    Technology Infrastructure and Security solutions and assets. These have included:
    • Avanade Connected Architectures (ACA) – Dynamic Systems Framework
    • ACA – Infrastructure for .NET Applications
    • Server, Messaging and Desktop Migration Solutions
    •  Avanade Estimating Model for Technology Infrastructure
    • Avanade Connected Methods for Technology Infrastructure
    Mr. Burry performed quality assurance reviews for many of Avanade´s projects around the world. His focus in this capacity is on ensuring the successful delivery of large-scale infrastructure transformation and refresh for global customers.
  • September – November 1999 – Accenture/ Andersen Consulting
    Executive – Technology Product Services Group
    Mr. Burry led the Microsoft Technology Team of the Technology Product Services Group (TPS). TPS was responsible for providing deep, industry expert-level skills to all Andersen Consulting projects world-wide.
  • September 1992 – September 1997 – Electronic Data Systems
    Pre-Sales Technical Lead – Distributed Systems Management
    Mr. Burry was the leader of a multinational team providing pre-sales technical support for EDS´s Renascence Enterprise Management Systems (managed services). Mr. Burry´s responsibilities included oversight of development of sales collateral, building relationships with other EDS sales and marketing organizations, development and delivery of presentations to prospective customers, and participation in development of proposals.
    Engineering Lead – Client/Server Technology Services Group
    Mr. Burry was a member of a global engineering team in EDS´s Client/Server Technical Services. His responsibilities included, providing engineering pre-sales engineering support for new business activities and proposals, consulting on networkdesign issues, participating in engineering task – forces on issues such as LAN segmentation, ATM deployment, and IPX->TCP/IP migration on the EDS*LINK backbone.
    Team Lead- Government Services Group (Federal)
    Asa Systems Engineer with EDS´s Government Services business unit, Mr. Burry worked on numerous projects providing network, hardware, and software configuration and engineering assistance. In Addition, Mr. Burry worked on several large proposal efforts that resulted in $400 million in new business for EDS. During this period, Mr. Burry also worked for approximately 4 months on a special project for the General Motors.
  • September 1991 – September 1992 – Quick Response CMS
    Mr. Burry led the technical development of a pioneering CRM system for elected officials. The system allowed office-holders to track all interactions with their constituents and featured full integration with PC-based word processing.
    The software was sold to EDS pre-revenue. Subsequent versions of the product are still in use with the Unidted States Senate, the United States House of Representatives, and various state legislatures in the US.
  • September 1991 – September 1992 – Kerrey For President
    Chief Technology Officer
  • October 1998 – September 1991 – Official Office of US Senator Kend Conrad
    Chief Technology Officer
  • June 1987 – October 1988 – Al Gore for President
  • Fegruary 1985 – June 1987 – Chief Technology Corporation
  • February 1985 – June 1987 – Public Office Corporation
    Database Programmer
  • June 1984 – February 1985 – Al Gore for US Senate
    Chief technology Officer

Professional experience:

  • Mr. Burry is an experienced entrepreneur, business and technology leader, and an investor with a background covering Enterprise Architecture, Software development, infrastructure technologies, operating systém, methodology development and IT operations.
  • As an entrepreneur, Mr. Burry has found multiple companies in the software and services arena. He has served as a coach and mentor to entrepreneures since 2005 and in an astive angel investor. He currently sits on the Advisory Board of Environmental Engines, Skydoor and the Board of Directors of A3 Cubed.
  • Mr. Burry is curently the co-CEO at the US Market Access Center. In this role, he coaches and mentors entrepreneurs on a global basis and speak and international conferences. Prior to joining the USMAC, Mr. Burry spent nine years at Avanade, holding a wide range of senior leadership roles. He was part of the deal team from Andersen Consulting that created Avanade and was the first CIO of the company. During his time as CIO, Avanade grew from a single, small location to having operations on 17 cities in 12 countries around the global with 3 geographically dispersed data centers.
  • As a Technology Fellow, Mr. Burry helped define Avanade´s overall strategy, technical direction, „Go to Market“ solutions, and delivery accelerators. He has been a regular columnist in Computerworld On-line, presented at technology conferences such as the IDC Virtualization Forum, Microsoft TechEd, regularly speaks with industry analysts and in quoted in industry publications. Mr. Burry was one of Avanade´s early proponents of an experts on Cloud Computing.
  • Prior to joining Avanade, Mr. Burry held various positions at Andersen Consulting, EDS, other organizations.


  • Executive Leadership
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Model Creation
  • Financial and Deal Structuring
  • Sales Leadership
  • Team Dynamics
  • Coaching and mentoring



  • Business Model Generation
  • Seed and Venture Financing
  • Lean Startup Practices


References and main professional successes:

  • US Market Access Center – As co-CEO Mr. Burry has grown the organization to more than $2m a year annual run rate of revenue with programs in more than 20 countries around the world. Co-developed the „Access Silicon Valley programe“ for the Government of Ireland. The minister of Jobs for Ireland said of the programme, „Access Silicon Valley is a key part of our plans to accelerate our jobs growth among Irish ICT companies. This is a practical, hands-on programme designed to fast-track innovative and ambitious Irish companies into highly competitive marketplace – ultimately resulting in the creation of more jobs in Ireland“.
  • Skydoor – The Singapore baded company, Skydoor was a participant in the first program the USMAC ran for the government of Singapore. Mr. Burry was asked by the company after the program to stay on as an advisor. The company was recently sold to a multi-national.
  • A3 Cubed – A3 Cubed is an Italian company that designs and builds hardware for large server farms. Mr Burry has been a mentor to the company for over a year and was recently asked to join the Board of Directors.
  • Avanade – Mr. Burry was one of the founders of Avanade. During the ten years Mr. Burry was with Avanade, it grew from a handful of employees to more than 10,000 people around the world with revenue in excess of $1B USD.
  • Quick Response CMS – QRCMS was a pioneer in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) field. It was sold, pre-revenue to Electronic Data Systems (EDS, now part of HP)