Liao Wei-I Marvin



All employment relationships to date:


Professional experience:

  • Time spent at early stage VC funded Startup & fast Growing Internet Portal, having built several teams here in US as well as overseas, while based in Silicon Valley



  • Customer Acquisition & Distribution Online



  • Sales & Marketing


References and main professional successes:

  • Paul Banas (ex-VP of Marketing at Alibris),; Prashant Mehta (ex-VP, Emerging Markets Group, Yahoo!),; Grant McCarthy (Partner at APGM/CSI),
    –Built, restructured 50+ ad sales teams across the globe at Yahoo!
    —Directly responsible for 50 mm usd in business and influenced 150 mm usd over my career at Yahoo!
    —Launched & Established US operations of leading Baidu SEM reseller CSI & Built several partnerships with top agencies & platform partners